Extreme trust.

Always respond to your queries within 24 hours maximum. We have a transparent and intuitive dashboard.

Proven technology

Our SDK is secure, stable, and lightweight. Tested in more than 1,500 apps and 500 million users.

Maximum profits

We are experts in Latin America and thanks to our hyper targeted ads we get the highest CPM in the market.

SDK lightweight and robust.

Adjustable to your needs and development environments.

Multi platform

Android Studio, Unity, Flutter, React y Construct3.


We incorporate anti-fraud and anti-spoofing technology.

The power, in your hands

Initialize, load, show and stop your ads, whenever you want.

Consent Manager Platform

We offer our own CMP, to be able to manage and request the consent of the users in an appropriate way that allows to generate greater profits.


Your dashboard

Track your earnings in real time and get insights about your users.

Perfect for beginners

Transparent, intuitive, and easy to use.

Efficient help

Receive help from our team, in less than 24 hours.

Support included

Clear and precise documentation.

Ad formats


The most popular and efficient format. They appear at the top or bottom of the screen as a rectangle.


Interactive ads that cover the entire screen and are shown in the transitions of the app.

Push notifications

Highest CPM format on the market.


Show video content up to 30 seconds.

Mediation: easy and fast integration.


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