Frequent questions

Find answers to the most common doubts among our users.


What types of ads can be used?

We have several ad formats: Display, Native Ads, Push Notifications, Data Analytics for eCommerce.

Is the platform self-managing?

Yes, when you join our system you will get access credentials so that you can create customized campaigns. In case you apply to belong to our Premium Club, we will grant you a Specialist Account Manager, free of charge, to manage everything related to the advertising of your company.

What is the average CTR?

We cannot guarantee an average CTR, however we have had campaigns with a CTR of 33% and others with 7%. It all depends on the campaign format, the advertiser's sector, the type of ad used and how friendly the graphic is.

How to start advertising?

Very easy. First, you can register by clicking here. Once you have registered in our system, you will receive an email with clear and precise instructions on how to create your first advertising campaign with us. If you have any questions, you can contact us using the contact form or by calling the phone number at the bottom of this page

What is Wortise?

Wortise is an AdTech and Data Analytics, a company based in Argentina. Our mission is to guarantee an optimization improvement to our mobile app publishers, as well as to improve the performance of our advertisers.

What do they bring to the advertiser?

We like the phrase "We don't fish with a net, we throw the rod to get the right fish from you." With our diverse ad optimization tool combined with our artificial intelligence engine, we are confident that our advertisers will be more than satisfied using the Wortise Company platform and engine.

How do publishers earn?

Publishers get a premium service, not only of ads, but of support and accompaniment with tactics to maximize their profits. Thanks to our network of Premium advertisers and our advanced mediation with more than 100 Adnetworks, we are sure that you will see a positive change in your ad revenue.

How do you ensure transparency in ads?

Not only do we provide the ability to integrate Server To Server tracking and tracking pixels, we also have a sophisticated anti-fraud system in which we only show relevant ads to quality users.

How can I monetize my app?

If you have an application for Android or iOS OS, you have to sign up by following the following link, and integrate our SDK, for which we have developed this practical and simple tutorial.

What networks can I mediate with?

You can use our automated mediation to mediate with more than 100 ad networks. We will only show our ads if we are sure it will perform better.

What ad formats can I integrate?

You can integrate, Interstitials, Banners (all sizes), native, rewarded and geosmart.

How often do I receive my winnings?

Our system is NET45. That is, you will collect your earnings 45 days after the end of the monetization month. Our means of payment are: Bank Transfer, PayPal or Bitcoin.